Paris and London are my two favorite cities: the two are linked in my heart for so many reasons that I wanted to share.

Let me tell you what I love the most about the relationship between Paris and London. I never used to think the two cities had many differences until I had to live in London for a few months – and then I noticed the differences!

London is such a busy city. I feel like I’m entering a tornado everytime I come here. The city moves as fast as you arrive, and that’s something I love about the city, the feeling like I’m on a rollercoaster.

What I love the most about London it’s opportunities is that anything can happen and I believe nothing is impossible here when it comes to your goals. 

One last  thing about Food I can’t take that away from my sweet France,we indeed have the best food of the world. 

Paris and London are two different cities, we all know that but when you actually get the chance to live in the two cities, you have a totally different view of it. Both are amazing to work in, to realize you dreams and of course have fun. 

Another point is fashion!

When it comes to style, London is the city where fashion has no limits. Fashion is really important in both of the cities and there are similarities but not completely.

Paris may be the capital of fashion but London is a piece of art too. The creativity in London is wonderful, for example the street are is impressive.

There is no better way to do shopping than in Paris, our boutiques are simply unique.

In London the thing I adore is that you can find things you will never find in Paris, thats the part of shopping I love here.

It only takes two hours to get to Paris from London so if you’re looking to have a little adventure don’t be afraid!. 

I did it, and I only ended up loving both of the cities so much I couldn’t tell which one I love the most. 

And just so you know,you’ll always be close to home in case you’re not feeling it!

Words: Batty Bathily 

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