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Working experience in the Fashion Editorial industry: – Intership at Brides Uk as a Fashion Assistant (2015) -Fashion Editorial Assistant intern at Harpers Baazar UK (2017) -Fashion Journalist Contributor for Debut UK magazine (2017) -Fashion Assistant intern at Wonderland UK (2017)

Find below some example of the articles I have write for DEBUT MAGAZINE UK , sharing about Paris, lifestyle fashion , diversity in the industry , the best way to enjoy Paris & a lot more to inspire people.

Debut Dolls Around The Globe: The Lack Of Diversity In The Paris Fashion Industry


This week, #DebutDoll Batty, who hails from Paris, gives you her view of diversity in the Parisian fashion industry.

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Fashion is the world where everything can happen. Fashion is my passion; my everything. Since I was a child, working in the fashion industry has been my number one goal.

One thing I have always been concerned about in France is the lack of diversity in this field. Fashion is magical – as a child, this is why I expected it to be a world full of positivity and opportunities. But as I grew older I began to question this: can a black girl succeed in a big magazine? Which mixed race woman has actually succeed  as a fashion director? What is the percentage of African workers in a fashion magazine? At sixteen-years-old, these kind of  questions were in my head all the time.

Today, after working across the world in different aspects of the fashion industry, I have found that my worries about the lack of diversity in fashion is something I had learnt from my Parisienne environment. I have worked incredibly hard to get to where I am in the French fashion industry; I have learnt that I must work twice as hard than others (much like Ronan Pope told Olivia in Scandal).

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Fashion is evolving all the time and anything can happen in the fashion industry – you have a place within it, no matter who you are and where you are from. My advice if you are worried about finding a place in fashion? Don’t give up and try to change the world with your talent.

Words: Batty B

Full article available here , with hope of change in the industry:

DebutDoll Batty Bathily On: 3 Ways To Spend Your Birthday In Paris

This week, #DebutDoll Batty, who hails from Paris, talks about ways to spend her birthday in the capital.


My birthday is coming up and I’m so excited as I’m the type of girl who really loves to celebrate her birthday. I believe we all need to make the most of it while we can, even if becoming one year older doesn’t seem like much, it’s still a celebration!

Ever since I was sixteen, I’ve spent most of my birthday’s in Paris, whether at night or with a daytime celebration. It went on to become a tradition to spend it in the capital.
Last year, I decided to change it up a bit and go abroad to celebrate it – but this year, I’m going to go back to old habits and celebrate it here by night. My birthday is in January, and, to me, winter is a perfect time for a birthday.
So this January, I will celebrate it in the parisian way as usual.
If you ever fancied the idea of celebrating a birthday in Paris, there are many ideas to choose from, but here are three amazing ways I can suggest.
The Cosmopolitan way – clubbing in Paris by night
If your birthday is during winter and you feel like doing something extra and fancy, this one’s for you. You wanna have fun and party? Get your most beautiful dress or evening gown and go for it. There are a lot of clubs to choose from but going to the Champs Eylsee is the perfect option. You can definitely go to the Duplex, based in the Champs Elysee street and that’s what make the place even more charming.
It’s also worth visiting the Lido. One of the most wonderful places ever – the Lido will blow you away. The Duplex and Lido are close so you can also make both!
Last minute birthday at Saint Michel
Saint Michel is the perfect area to enjoy your birthday especially during spring or summer when you just wanna go with the flow and don’t want to organise anything. Go to Saint Michel at night, where the streets are so alive, it’s a living party with plenty of terrasse cafe’s where you can have a drink with your friends.
An afternoon birthday in summer
If your birthday is in the summer then you have so many options. You can go for a picnic at the beautiful gardens of jardin des Tuileries or to the famous teahouse Angelina, my favorite place ever, where you can get some macaroons and a coffee!
Words: Batty B


DebutDoll Batty Bathily On: Paris VS. London: Which one Is the Best?

This week, #DebutDoll Batty, who hails from Paris, talks about the differences between her two favourite cities.

Paris and London are my two favorite cities: the two are linked in my heart for so many reasons that I wanted to share.

Let me tell you what I love the most about the relationship between Paris and London. I never used to think the two cities had many differences until I had to live in London for a few months – and then I noticed the differences!

London is such a busy city. I feel like I’m entering a tornado everytime I come here. The city moves as fast as you arrive, and that’s something I love about the city, the feeling like I’m on a rollercoaster.

What I love the most about London it’s opportunities is that anything can happen and I believe nothing is impossible here when it comes to your goals. 

One last  thing about Food I can’t take that away from my sweet France,we indeed have the best food of the world.  Paris and London are two different cities, we all know that but when you actually get the chance to live in the two cities, you have a totally different view of it. Both are amazing to work in, to realize you dreams and of course have fun. 

Another point is fashion!

When it comes to style, London is the city where fashion has no limits. Fashion is really important in both of the cities and there are similarities but not completely. Paris may be the capital of fashion but London is a piece of art too. The creativity in London is wonderful, for example the street are is impressive.

There is no better way to do shopping than in Paris, our boutiques are simply unique.In London the thing I adore is that you can find things you will never find in Paris, thats the part of shopping I love here. It only takes two hours to get to Paris from London so if you’re looking to have a little adventure don’t be afraid!.

I did it, and I only ended up loving both of the cities so much I couldn’t tell which one I love the most. And just so you know,you’ll always be close to home in case you’re not feeling it!

Words: Batty B


Debut Dolls Around The Globe: How To Do A Paris Weekend On A Budget

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Summer is here and it seems like everyone and their grandma is off to exciting climes. If, like me, you often find yourself searching ‘vacay inspo’ on Pinterest and discussing your wanderlust with friends, then this is the guide for you. Planning a last minute holiday doesn’t need to break the bank if you play your cards right – here is our guide to the ultimate budget trip to the City of Lights, Paris. After all, as Blair Waldorf told Serena van der Woodsen in an Gossip Girl, “You might as well be sad in Paris.”

Image result for blair waldorf you might as well be sad in paris

How to get there?

If you’re in Europe, it’s a win-win situation! You have multiple ways to get to Paris. From London it only takes two hours via the Eurostar train. Another great option from London is flying – try comparison websites like for the cheapest flight deals.

If you want to save money, my favourite option is Snap Eurostar. You can get up to 50% off train tickets! Only tricky thing with this is that you will only know your journey times 48 hours before you leave – perfect though for a last minute trip!

Where to Sleep?

Personally, I think the best option is Airbnb; you have the whole place to yourself and you can get the real ‘Parisian experience’, even if this is just for the night. Whether you Airbnb, hostel or hotel it, location is key. Areas I suggest are Châtelet, Saint Michel and Bastille.

Where to eat?

Food in France is exquisite, if there is one thing that is perfect here it is the food.

If you’re looking to go to at least one good restaurant with low prices then try Le Paradis du Fruit in the Champs-Elysées area. Apart from that, you will easily find great restaurants just walking down the streets.

For the Apéro time, Happy Hour is your best friend. Starting around 4 pm, you will get cocktails at low prices in a lot of Bars/Terrace Cafés (the perfect spot for this is the bars surrounding the Châtelet les Halles).

Where to have fun?

A lot of concerts and events are happening during summer, make sure to check what is happening when you’re coming.

Here’s some activities that require no money at all:

  1. Walking: Paris is a big city but a lot of famous spots are close together. Even if you don’t know the city like the back of your hand, walking is a must to enjoy Paris at its best (in the summer sun!). You will discover even more of the city and hidden spots, plus you will spend less money and burn some calories. It’s the best of both worlds!
  2. Throw an Apero au Quai de Seine (translation: aperitif by the banks of the Sein). Ingredients required: a bottle of Rosé, some Compté (French cheese) and some macaroons.
  3. Organize a picnic at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower – this is easy to organize, just go to the Champs de Mars with some yummy treats and that’s all. The Dame de Fer will shine and sparkle every couple of hours to make your experience unforgettable.
  4. Photo Session: Paris at night is really beautiful and full of art hot spots (the Musée du Louvres and Place Concorde are the perfect place to take amazing pictures). Running through the streets of Paris you will have the time of your life and the two spots are very close together which makes life easier.

Where to Party?

There are a lot of open places at night. Paris is a party at nightfall – put your sparkly dress on and go where the wind takes you.

We hope this helps you plan the best holiday possible, if you need more information or have any questions, send me a DM on Instagram at @battybathily.

Words: Batty B


Debut Dolls Around The World: 3 Steps To Get The Parisian Look

This week, #DebutDoll Batty, who hails from Paris, suggests 3 ways to inject Parisian chic into your wardrobe.

I am  a chameleon when it comes to fashion; trying different clothes is really my thing. My style has no limit and I can’t even define it with words as I like to be open to everything. My fashion choices depends a lot on my mood, sometimes on trends and  on my travelling experiences too. For example, my style will be very different when I am in London and  then something totally different when I am in Paris.

Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all rolled in to one as Blair Waldorf would say. Fashion will never be boring if you’re open in trying different styles time-to-time. It’s all fun and games!

I am going to introduce you to the Parisian style which is very attractive to fashionistas all around the word. The  most important thing to remember about the Parisian style is about expressing yourself without following rules. From my travelling experiences I noticed that the Parisian look is really unique and different from others. 

If you’re feeling like you need a little style makeover, or just some fashion changes this week , here is some advice…

Step 1: Less is better

You really don’t have to do much to get the Parisian style. It’s all about the pieces you put together. Care less about the details and have fun with fashion!

Step 2: Be a little extra

We all have one pair of shoes, a coat, or anything really extravagant we don’t usually wear. The Parisian style is about expressing yourself with those unique – the ‘extra’ – pieces from your closet.

Step 3: Be bold

Be fearless with your fashion choices; if you have an outfit idea you’d like to put together, just go for it. Taking a risk is a must to get the Parisian look!

Words from Batty B

Entertainment: 3 French Movies You Need In Your Life

Movies nights can get a little boring when you always watch the same type of movies. Sometimes, you’re in need to see something different that will touch your soul, leave you speechless .

If you’re looking for a movie for you and your lover, you and your friends or only you, I may be able to give you a hand. Go for a french movie to make your movie time more special!

French movies aren’t the most succesful in the world, but some are just masterpieces !

Im going to advice you 3 of my favorites obviously, and they’re all worth watching! Warning .. some of them might leave you emotionally heartbroken.

None of those movies revolve around fashion, but some fashion choices will impress you .

1- L’Arnacoeur 
The first movie, L’Arnacoeur, is a french movie starring the talented Vanessa Paradis, who you probably know as singer/actress and Lily Rose Depp’s mum . I’ve probably watched it a thousands times, and what I loved the most about it is the simplicity of the whole thing. This movie is not a cliché at all and will make you feel all type of emotions.

2- Divines
This movie by Houda Benyamina and revolves around two best friends basically just living their life. Their story is pictured in such a poetic way that you can not be surprised after seeing it. Added to that, the movie was nominated at the Golden Globes 2016, so you must see it. The storyline is based around friendship so watch it with your bff and you’ll feel very emotional – believe me!

3- La Belle et Bête (The Beauty and the Beast)
Since the remake version – with the amazing Emma Watson – is on its way, I’m going to suggest another french masterpiece – the french version.

The french version of The Beauty and the Beast stars Vincent Cassel and Lea Seydoux, and believe me it’s mesmerizing .

Words by Batty B

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